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Adventure Swag For The Restless

Adventure Swag For The Restless

Posted on December 02 2020, By: Ronald Money

One of our mottos is "Adventure Swag For The Restless" and we believe this saying has a few hidden meanings that may help you better understand what our brand represents. 

Let's break it down word by word...

ADVENTURE - adventure is our middle name. Actually, it's our first name. Aventir literally translates to "adventure". The backbone of our brand is casual adventures; those times we go out with friends or solo to experience this large and epic world. Take that day trip to the beach. Plan that epic hike up an intimidating mountain side. Take risks, make memories. Explore More!

mountain climbing adventure journey restless

SWAG - we use this term because we create clothing that has been thoughtfully designed so that you look good when out on that next adventure. From our fit to our function, we make products that you will want to live in; gear that you will want to show off on that next expedition. No longer will you wear some old uninspired t-shirt, some random hoodie you found in the bottom of your closet. Now you can wear a piece of clothing that inspires and motivates you to do more with the life you were given. Now it's time to make the most of it!

RESTLESS - do you know that little voice inside you urging you to do more. That's your inner conscience telling you there's more out there. More experiences to make, more to see, more to do! I know I always get "cabin fever" when I go too long with an adventure. I start getting restless. I start craving adventure. That's when I start planning my great escape. Your escape could be to the sand, to the waves, to the mountains. Whatever it is, feed your restlessness, feed that desire to live the life you were meant to.

Live Epic,

Owner of Aventir Apparel Co.