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Glamping For First Timers

Glamping For First Timers

Posted on June 10 2021, By: Ronald Money

I think that is fair to say that most people enjoy camping. The fun, the spirit, the adventure of being outdoors for the purpose of really being a part of nature. Scottish-American author and publisher John Muir famously and correctly stated that "most people are on the world, not in it".

However, having said all of that about being a part of nature, being in the world, and really appreciating nature from within nature, how many people like dealing with bugs (mosquitoes, bees, etc.), sudden downpours of rain, snow, hail, sleeping on uncomfortably hard ground, and putting up tents? 

Glamping in the USA

It is obvious that it takes someone who really has an adventurous spirit to really enjoy the outdoors. However, there is a compromise for those of us who want to be in the outdoors without committing to all of the unpleasantness that goes along with camping outdoors, and that compromise is "Glamping". So read on the find out everything that you need to know about what it is, where to go, and how you can be an avid and enthusiastic glamper.

What Does Glamping Mean?

"Glamping" is a fun way of expressing the desire to go camping without all of the hassles that go along with camping, so someone smushed the two words "glamourous" and "camping" together to for the word Glamping. So, Glamping is not just a term, it is a new way of life for someone who enjoys being outdoors but also enjoys life's non-essential pleasures, like 600 thread count bed linens and comfortable chairs. Although you may just be hearing the term "Glamping" for the first time, the concept of glamping is not new. 

Glamping tent and 600 thread count sheets

In fact, the concept has been around for centuries. Back in the early 1500s, when royalty would travel around, they would stay in very large tents that were appointed with such creature comforts as feature beds and comfortable chairs. Today, Glamping may be staying at a "Glamping resort" where the choice of accommodations may range from glamping tents to RV/Trailers to cabins and actual homes. There are a lot of Glamping options…it just depends on how big you want to go.

Is Glamping For Me?

I think that glamping is for anyone who really enjoys the idea of camping, and perhaps camping itself, but doesn't want to get their hands as dirty as they may have to when actually camping. Glamping is a great way to just enjoy being alone in the outdoors or perhaps enjoying the outdoors with a significant other without having to concern yourself too much with the details. If you are asking if glamping is right for you, then just ask yourself if you are someone who would rather sleep in a sleeping bag on the "floor" of a tent or in a 4-post bed inside of a camping cabin.

"Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit." - Edward Abbey

Are you the type that would rather cook dinner over a campfire or use a stove and oven to prepare the evening meal? If you answered the 4-post bed and stove/oven to the questions, then you are probably a perfect fit for glamping. 

Glamping Essentials List/Glamping Must-Haves

When you are preparing for your next glamping adventure/ glamping trip, as with any normal camping trip, there are essential items that you really should pack. Obviously, due to the nature of glamping versus camping, some of the things that you pack may be more suited to a hotel room stay than a camping trip, but remember... this is glamping, so it is a hybrid of both camping and hotel room stay. 

So what are some important items that you absolutely must have on your glamping trip? Here are a few that you absolutely must have with you on your glamping trip:

1. Insect Repellant - Although glamping is not exactly camping, you are still going to be experiencing nature. After all, the point of going glamping is so that you can enjoy being outdoors in a nicer environment where you don't have to worry as much about some of the details so that you can focus on being one with nature. While you are being one with nature, there are also going to be a lot of mosquitos and gnats that are also being one with nature and would love to be one with you as well. So some good insect repellant will be a great thing to have along with you. 

2. Solar Phone Charger/Solar Lantern - even though your camping cabin or whatever camping accommodation you have chosen for your glamping trip may have electricity, it may not, but you definitely do not want to be out exploring nature and you notice that your phone battery is getting low or it is getting dark and you still have a ways to go to get back to camp. If either of these situations occurs, then you'll be glad that you thought ahead and brought a solar-powered charger and lantern with you. 

3. High-Quality Insulating Cooler - It is very likely that you'll have a full-size refrigerator in your camping cabin, or perhaps a mini-fridge, but what if you have chosen a glamping tent? If that's the case, then you're going to need to have a large, insulated cooler that you can use to store items like burgers, eggs, and yogurt. 

4. Multi-Tool - In any camping/glamping situation or in any survival or outdoor situation, you are going to need a multi-tool at some point. Whether you are going to use it for cutting line or cutting a small branch or for opening a bottle of wine, a multi-tool (like a Swiss Army Knife) could be both a literal and figurative lifesaver, and it is something that is absolutely essential on any outdoor trip.

5. Lifestraw - As with a multi-tool, if you are going to be out and about in nature, you are going to need to have water. Maybe you have a canteen filled with water (definitely recommended); however, regardless of whether you have a canteen or not, a Lifestraw is a must-have item. A Lifestraw is a portable five-stage water filter with a straw attached to it so that you confidently drink water from pretty much any water source, as long as it isn't saltwater, regardless of the amount of dirt and contamination in the water. 

6. Travel Insurance - I know it sounds very boring and not like much fun, and... you'd be right on both; however, travel insurance is one of those things that you don't fully appreciate just how useful it is until you find yourself in a situation where you really need it. Even though you are on a glamping trip, things do happen, so you should be prepared for it if it does. You may end up saving a lot of money by being prepared ahead of time.

That is a very small list of things that could be packed, but I think that those items are essentials that are necessary for any camping/glamping trip. 

What Should I Bring Glamping?

The things that are necessary for an enjoyable glamping trip are very similar to what most people take camping, except for things like tents and sleeping bags. Think about things that will aid in your comfort and security, so that you are prepared for anything that may happen. These items listed above are a great place to start, but also think about things like clothes for hiking, casual wear clothes for hanging out in the camping cabin or around the campfire, and clothes/pajamas for cozying up in your 4-post bed.

Depending on your accommodations, you may have many of these things in your cabin or glamping tent, but things like kitchen and bath towels, a can-opener, a vegetable peeler, a chef's knife, and some disinfectant wipes will make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Things To Do When Glamping

The list of things to do while glamping is pretty much the same as when camping. You could go to wherever the locals eat and drink and you could eat and drink with them. Any type of sports/recreation like playing volleyball, tennis, softball, etc. with others in the glamping grounds is always a great way to get exercise, meet others in the area, and generally be social while having fun too. If your glamping ground has a lake or is near a body of water, water sports like paddle boats, water skiing, etc. is a great way to spend an afternoon. 

The glamping grounds may also have pre-planned activities like BBQ, socials, treasure or scavenger hunts. Again those are always a great way to meet other glampers and have a lot of fun being social. There's always the old standby of not doing much of anything so as to just relax and enjoy nature.

How To Prepare For Glamping

1. Do your homework on the area you'll be visiting.

2. Prepare home-cooked meals and do any other food preparation before you leave on your trip.

3. Make sure you have plenty of reading material.

4. Make sure that your devices are all charged up. 

6. Before you go, make sure that you know the weather for the duration of your trip.

Best Glamping Resorts in the US

There are many great glamping resorts in the US; however, here a few suggestions of highly rated resorts to get you started. We do not get compensated in any way for picking these, they are simply here to get you on your path to adventure more quickly!

1. Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort (Glamping Resort in Utah)

This beautiful resort in the southern Utah mountains would be a great place to gaze up at the star-lit mountain sky or wake up to watch the sunrise over the Utah mountains. However you wish to take in the mountain scenery, you're going to be amazed. The property includes breakfast at the on-site restaurant, along with a swimming pool, hot tub, volleyball and tennis courts, and organizes tours and events. 

2. Under Canvas Grand Canyon (Glamping Resort in Arizona)  

Imagine glamping just 25 minutes from the southern entrance to Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona? With a rating of 4.5/5.0 stars on TripAdvisor, you'll definitely be able to experience the beauty of the American Southwest at this luxury resort. Enjoy amenities such as comfortable king-size beds, ensuite bathrooms with showers, and on-site dining in a beautiful southwest desert setting.

3. Dunton River Camp (Glamping Resort in Colorado)

A beautiful group of eight canvas tents is located at Cresto Ranch, 4 miles downriver from Dunton in a clearing in an alpine setting within the Colorado Rockies. In miniature, the resort includes a lodge, which is a beautiful 19th-century farmhouse with a restaurant, guest lounge, and wrap-around deck that displays breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountains.

4. Ventana Big Sur (Glamping Resort in California)

The Ventana Campground is located approximately 30 miles south of Carmel and covers an area of 40 acres of the redwood forest. Post Creek and the canyon remain largely intact as the sites follow their natural contours without affecting their natural beauty. There are three modern and immaculately maintained bathhouses. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring, as well as a water faucet nearby. The Restaurant at Ventana, as well as Ventana Wilderness, is accessible on scenic and convenient hiking trails. A number of stores, restaurants, cafes, gift shops, delis, taverns, and a post office are within walking distance of the Big Sur Inn.

5. The Lodge on Little St. Simon's Island (Glamping Resort in Georgia)

5/5 stars on TripAdvisor, Little St. Simon's offers 6 cozy cottages on a private barrier island off of the beautiful coast of Georgia. 11,000 acres of undeveloped nature, including beaches and moss-draped marshes that can be used by no more than 32 visitors at a time for relaxation and exploration. The island offers nature lovers a host of exciting experiences including birding, boating, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, bicycling, interpretive tours, beachcombing, fishing, and swimming. 

6. Savage River Lodge (Glamping Resort in Maryland)

People often use the words comfort, relaxation, and privacy to describe Savage River Lodge. Once at the resort, which is located within the Savage River State Forest, you'll find a great place to relax in your own cabin to exceptional hospitality. Though the cabins and lodge have a rustic personality, the numerous amenities are decidedly upscale. 

7. Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins (Glamping Resort in Washington)

Located near the majestic Columbia River Gorge, Carson Ridge provides a beautiful log cabin experience with log beds, walk-in showers, fireplaces, log front-porch swings, and spa services. What more would be needed for a romantic glamping trip for two?

Glamping Conclusion

Though it may be a new term to some, it has been around for a long time. Glamping is an evolution of camping and is all the rage these days. It offers many different styles and accommodations, but the goal of glamping is the same as camping, to be able to relax while being a little closer to nature. There are many great glamping adventures that await, so take a few minutes to plan your next trip.